New Zealand Music of the
50's, 60's, 70's and a bit of 80's
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Record Label Listings

L La De Da's Shona Laing Larry and the Ladders Larry's Rebels Latter Rain
  Robbie Laven Bruno Lawrence Vaughan Lawrence Layabouts Anna Leah
  Dinah Lee Lee & Mick Le Frame Legends Legionnaires
  Russ Le Roq Lianne Librettos Lika Street Choir Link
  Littlejohn Living Force Lost Soul Lou & Simon Eddie Low
  Ian Lowe & the Tornadoes Lutha      
M Lea Maalfrid Maine Street Chris Malcolm Mammal Mantis
  Maori Hi Five Maori Troubadours Maori Volcanics Marble Arch Lindsay Marks
  Murray Marsden Gary Martin Ricky May Dave McArtney & the Pink Flamingos Jim McNaught
  Measles Mee & The Others Max Merritt & the Meteors Merseymen Meteors
  Mike & The Beavers Dave Miller & the Byrds Dave Miller Set Ministry Of Fog Minors
  Minutemen Mi-Sex Mods Mojomen Eruiti Morehu
  Jenny Morris Larry Morris Alan Morrison Howard Morrison Moses & the Munks
  Mother Goose Motivation Moviez Moving Folk Val Murphy
  Music Convention Mustangs Mystics    
N Natural Gas Neighbours Alex Neill Peter Nelson & the Castaways New Zealand Trading Company
  Newfolk Newsounds Newton Newz Next Move
  1953 Memorial Society Rock'n'Roll Band No 1 Conversation Piece Noazark Noiseworks Nomads
O Omnibus Sharon O'Neill Orb Original Sin Original Sun
  Overlanders Gwynn Owen      
P Al Paget Sextet Claude Papesch Andrew Parata Chris Parfitt Bob Paris Combo
  Rangi Parker Brent Parlane Lou Parun Patea Maori Club Rim D. Paul
  Paul's Idea Peking Man Mike Perjanik Band Abe Phillips Gene Pierson
  Lynne Pike Pisces People Bryce Peterson Picasso Trio Tex Pistol
  Playboys Pleasers Pleazers Peter Posa Premiers
  Frankie Price Principals Lew Pryme Psychedelic Train  
Q Quincy Conserve Quin Tikis      
R Radars Ragnarok Rainbow Random Thoughts Rayders
  Real Thing Reataz Rebels Rebirth Redeye
  Red Hot Peppers Red Mole Relics Renays Retaliation
  Revised Edition Revival Rhythm & Brass Alastair Riddell Rising Sons
  Risk Roadrunners Johnny Rocco Band Rock Candy Rockets
  Rockinghorse Sammy Rodgers Rogues Rough Justice Frankie Rowles
  John Rowles Rumour      
S Saints Salty Dogg Salvation Sapphires Satellites
  Ian Saxon & the Creditors Clyde Scott Craig Scott Sea Of Tranquility Seakers
  Sebastian's Floral Array Secrets Selected Few Senators Sensational Six
  Serenity Shaft Shane Shane Group Shapes Of Things
  Tom Sharplin Dave Shepherd Group Pam Shepherd Trio Sheratons Shevelles
  Short Story Shotgun Sierras Silhouettes Simple Image
  Corben Simpson Desna Sisarich Peter Skerrett Roger Skinner & The Motivation Skyrockets
  Jimmy Sloggett Shade Smith Smoke Society Somersault
  Sons and Lovers Soul Agents Soul Sect Soundells Soundproof
  Sounds (Auckland) Unlimited Sounds Unlimited Space Farm Space Waltz Spartans
  Species Nine Spectres Split Enz Spyce Of Life Stacey Grove
  Stamp Stax Volt Review Steam Packet Stereotones Frankie Stevens
  Jon Stevens Johnny Stevenson Rod Stone Stoney Lonesome Strangers
  Street Talk Suitewater Keri Summers Ronnie Sundin Supernatural Blues Band
  Supersonics Surfires Survivors Suzanne Swamp Dwellers
  Swingers Gerry Sword Sylvester Winch Style Kel Szavak  
T Tamburlaine Tapestry Taylor Teddy & the Bears Prince Tui Teka
  Temptation Think Jill Thomas Ticket Timberjack
  Timberjack-Donoghue Errol Timbers Tole Puddle Tom Thumb Tomorrow's Love
  Tony and the Initials Top Scientists Top Shelf Tornados Trademarks
  Tramline Transformer Triffids Trinity Troubled Mind
  George Tumahai Tumbleweed Tunespinners Ben Tawhiti  
U Underdogs Margaret Urlich      
V Variation Velvet Bubble Verse Four Vibrons Victors
  Monte Video Vigilantes Rochelle Vinsen Vipers  
W Bunny Walters Warratahs Waves Wayne & the Whirlwinds Wedge
  Wee Tam When The Cats Away Annie Whittle Wildcats Wild Ones
  Richard Wilde Mark Williams Toni Williams & the Tremellos Martin Winch Robin Winch
  Alec Wishart Hayden Wood Ray Woolf Ray Woolf & the Avengers  
Y Yandall Sisters Joy Yates Yeomen Yes Men  
Z Zarks Zodiacs Zonk    


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