L to R: Rudi Pederson, John Lindsay, Craig Alexander, Grant Kamau and Fred Neale

    Athol Munro (Piano)
    Fred Neale (Lead Guitar)
    John Lindsay (Rhythm Guitar)
    Leon Clapperton (Bass Guitar)
    Bob Catherrill (Saxophone)
    Craig Alexander (Drums)

The Rockets were a Hastings pop group who were around in the early sixties. They recorded three singles for Pacific in 1961, being "Gonzales"/"Johnny Guitar", "The Ruby And The Pearl"/"Wonderful Land" and "Gold In California"/"Besame Mucho". There only other recording came in 1963 when they released a single called "Nashville Boogie"/"Journey To Midnight" for HMV.

During their time they had two known line-up changes, with Leon being replaced by Rudi Pederson and Bob being replaced by Grant Kamau.

In 1963 John Lindsay and Craig Alexander moved to the Contacts.


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