Kevin Croon (Lead Guitar)
    Garry Bai (Rhythm Guitar)
    Leo Austin (Bass Guitar)
    Paddy Byrne (Drums)
    Sharon Lee (Vocals)
    Johnny Stevenson (Vocals)

The Sapphires were a Wellington based pop group formed around 1961. They released one single in 1961 for HMV called "Johnny Gunslinger"/"Oh Oh Rosie". During their time, Leo Austin was replaced by Darryl Florence and Paddy Byrne was replaced by Ron Orchard.

In 1962, Johnny Stevenson went solo. His first single was "Swanee River"/"A Penny A Kiss, A Penny A Hug" for HMV. He was actually backed by the Sapphires on this single. After that he moved to Auckland and had another single in 1963 called "Mean Woman"/"The Fool". His last single in 1964 was "Individuality"/"Knockin' On Wood".


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