Mike Wilson (Lead Guitar / Vocals)
    Arthur Young (Keyboards / Vocals)
    Gus Fenwick (Bass Guitar / Vocals)
    Glen Absolum (Drums)
    Bruce Sontgen (Vocals)

When the Pleazers disbanded in June 1967, Shane Hales had a short stint with Jamestown Union before forming his own group called the Shane Group. He brought Arthur Young from the Jamestown Union along with him into this group. The line-up for the Shane Group was as listed for the Apple, with the exception of Shane in place of Bruce. From here Shane decided to go it alone in 1968 as a solo performer under the name Shane. The remnants of the Shane Group he left behind became the nucleus of the Apple by adding Bruce Sontgen as their vocalist.

They had a residency spot at the 1480 Village in Durham Lane in Auckland and played good dance covers of the pop variety. As a group they never made any recordings.

Mike Wilson and Gus Fenwick left the band to join the Action in its dying stages in Australia. Both had also previously been members of the Layabouts, as had Bruce Sontgen. Glen Absolum was also a member of Living Force and Space Farm. Bruce Sontgen was to later join Tom Thumb in 1968 before moving on to Highway.


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