Ministry Of Fog


    Lyall Zohs (Lead Guitar)
    Bruce Nicholson (Rhythm Guitar)
    Roy Billing (Bass Guitar)
    Jon Drinkwater (Drums)

The Ministry Of Fog was formed in Auckland in 1965 by Lyall 'Zac' Zohs, Roy Billing and Bruce Nicholson. They wanted to play loud progressive rock, that they felt that no-one else was playing at the time, so adding Jon Drinkwater on drums, they started playing around the clubs in town and at times in the Town Hall, although the University crowd was where they really aimed themselves.

An incident occurred for the group that brought them to the attention of the public. A photo of the group appeared on the front page of the 'Truth' newspaper, showing Billing wearing a spiked German helmet. This was viewed as very controversial and didn't really do the group any good.

Phil Eaves was added to the line-up as lead guitarist, thereby allowing 'Zac' to move to rhythm guitar. Bruce Nicholson also shifted to lead guitar, sharing the role with Phil.

Eventually Billing left to pursue an acting career, and Drinkwater and 'Zac' moved on, to be replaced by drummer Jim Edge and multi-instrumentalist Pete Penning. This combination continued for a little while before finally disbanding in 1967. The Ministry Of Fog never recorded.

Jon Drinkwater joined Intimate Blues Connection in 1967 and Velvet Bubble in1968, and later became a member of Noazark in 1971.


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