Bon Marche

Included Members :
    Simon Darke (Vocals)
    Tony Rabbett (Guitar / Vocals)
    Phil Jones (Guitar)
    Allan Cattermole (Drums)
    Brad Coates (Keyboards)
    Brian Colechin (Bass Guitar / Vocals)
    Lance Parkyn (Bass)

Bon Marche were a Christchurch rock group. They recorded one single in 1979 for Stetson Records.

Shortly after this single they changed their name to the Newz.

They recorded an album called "Heard The Newz" in 1980 on Music World, and from it came two singles, "Accident Prone"/"Never" and "Motor Marriage"/"Sunday".


It is also believed that they then recorded another album anonomously under the name of Rotten Eggs in 1981, called Punk Nursery Rhythms".



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