The Nusonics original Line-up: L to R: Kevin Wright, Peter Fromont, "Dood" Williams (manager), Mike Fennemore and John Hopkirk.

Original Line-Up:
    John Hopkirk (Lead Guitar)
    Peter Fromont (Rhythm Guitar)
    Mike Fennemore (Bass Guitar)
    Kevin Wright (Drums)
    John Hooker (Vocals)

The Nusonics were a Wanganui pop group, formed in the early 60's. John Hooker was only with the group very briefly.

There were a number of changes before the final line-up evolved. Murray Barns replaced Peter Fromont on rhythm guitar, John McGowan took over as drummer, and the band added keyboardist Richard Green and John Harrison on saxophone and vocals. Their new manager was Chas Poynter (later to be long-standing mayor of Wanganui). Both McGowan and Green were good vocalists, but they had heard John Harrison sing and so they added him to the line-up.

L to R: Mike Fennemore, John Harrison, John McGowan, Murray Barns, Richard Green, John Hopkirk

L to R: John Harrison, Kevin Wright, Murray Barns, Mike Fennemore, John Hopkirk and Richard Green

The group recorded a number of songs for Viking, but only one record was released, the other songs considered long lost. The released record in 1964 was "Mariner IV"/"Call It A Day".

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