Zodiac Records 8


Z45-1176          1964

Fia Chaplin

A: Johnny Let Me Go
B: My Beatle Boy



"My Beatle Boy" is actually a sticker placed over the original label. When peeled off, it reveals the originally intended title of the song, "My Boy Flat Top" (see below).

The title was changed after the record had been produced, to try and benefit from the world-wide phenomena that was The Beatles.

Z45-1177          1964

Freddie Keil

A: I've Got My Eyes On You
B: Rave On

Z45-1178          1964

Rusty Greaves

A: No Money In This Deal
B: If I Could Come Back

Z45-1179          1964

Al Paget Sextet

A: Maybe Baby
B: Sea Of Clouds

Z45-1180          1964

Fia Chaplin

A: Gonna Get That Man
B: That's All I Want From You

Z45-1181          1964

Rim D. Paul And The Quin Tikis

A: Runaway

Quin Tikis

B: Theme From The Inspector

Z45-1182           1964

Alan Morrison

A: Devil In Your Eyes
B: Dream Girl

Z45-1183          1964

Jimmy Sloggett Five

A: Temptation
B: It's Gonna Work Out Fine

Z45-1184          1964


A: Don't You Just Know It
B: Talking 'Bout You

Z45-1185          1964

Ray Columbus And The Invaders

A: Yo-Yo
B: She's Gone

Z45-1186          1964


A: My Arms Want To Hold You
B: You Could Have Fooled Me

Z45-1187          1964

Freddie Keil Five

A: Talk
B: Splish Splash

Z45-1188          1964

Gary Bayer

A: Mod Bod
B: Gary's Tune

Z45-1189          1964

Allison Durbin

A: Rules Of Happiness
B: Two Shadows

Z45-1190          1964

Graeme Bartlett

A: Harem
B: Serenade To A Small Guitar

There was no release of Z45-1191. What was scheduled to be this record was subsequently released as


Z45-1192          1964

Cathy Howe And The Sierras

A: When He Comes Along
B: That Boy

Z45-1193          1964

Bob D. Five

A: High School Confidential
B: I Go Ape

Z45-1194          1965

The Sierras

A: Crying Game
B: Route 66

Z45-1195          1965

Bridge City Jazzmen

A: Circus World
B: Po Kare Kare Ana

Z45-1196          1965

Ray Columbus And The Invaders

A: C'Mon & Swim
B: We Can't Go Wrong

Z45-1197          May-1965

Kahu Morrison

A: Waiata Poi
B: He Wa Wata

Z45-1198          1965


A: Cruel Sea
B: Spanish Holiday

Z45-1199          1965


A: A Long Long Time
B: I've Had It

Z45-1200          1965

Bridge City Jazzmen

A: Bill Bailey
B: Hoki Mai

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