Zodiac Records 14


Z45-1354          Oct-1969

Kini Quartet

A: Care For Me
B: Mr. Jones

Z45-1355          Dec-1969

Fresh Air

A: Country Pie
B: Got To Get Away

Z45-1356          Mar-1970

Tom Bradley With The Motivation

A: Fly With Me
B: Once Upon A Moment

Z45-1357          1970

Kini Quartet

A: Ballad Of Pancho Lopez
B: Valley Inn

Z45-1358          Jul-70

Hi-Revving Tongues

A: Take Me To The Pilot
B: Highway

Z45-1359          Aug-1970

Hi-Revving Tongues

A: Aspen Colorado
B: Goodbye Holly

Z45-1360          Sep-1970

Jimmie Sloggett And The Inn Group

A: Midnight Cowboy
B: Studio 17

Z45-1361          1970

Toni Williams

A: Patterns Of Sunlight
B: Walking In The Sand

Z45-1362          1970

Ed Knowles With The Peter Posa Trio

A: Goodbye Girl
B: Talking Walls

Z45-1363          1971

Tony Hewitt

A: I Saw A Stranger
B: Isabella

Z45-1364          Feb-1971


A: Sit By Your Window
B: Dear Madeleine

Z45-1365          1971

Peter Posa

A: French Caledonian Blue
B: Oh Lady Mary

Z45-1366          1971

Flying Wild

A: Help Us Help You
B: Upside Down

Z45-1367          1971

John Goodare

A: Do Do Bust Or Die
B: Pretty Lights

Z45-1368          1971

Mark Pedrotti

A: (There'll Come A Day When) Ev'ry Little Bit Hurts
B: Pledging On Fear

Z45-1369          1971

Yolande Gibson

A: (There'll Come A Day When) Ev'ry Little Bit Hurts
B: Pledging On Fear

Z45-1370          1972

Flying Wild

A1: She's A Devil
B1: Night Child / Home

Z45-1371          1972

Society Jazzmen

A: Walk On To The Sun
B: Roses Of Picardy

Z45-1372          1972

Pipes And Drums Of Innes Tartan

A: Amazing Grace
B: Scottish Soldier When The Battles O'er

Z45-1373          1972

Denis Larcombe

A: On The Other Side Of The Rainbow
B: Will It Ever Be The Same

Z45-1374          1972


A: Bygone Days
B: Minstrel Man

Z45-1375          1972

Yandall Sisters

A: Come On And See Me
B: Watch Out Boy

Z45-1376          1973

Larry Small

A: Love Is Alive (In My Heart)
B: My Sweet Lady

Z45-1377          1972

Toni Williams

A: Tying The Pieces Together
B: (There'll Come A Day When) Ev'ry Little Bit Hurts

Z45-1378          1972

Human Instinct

A: Down The Hall On Saturday Night
B: Simple Man

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