Zodiac Records 2


Z45-1026          1960

Apaapa Sisters With The Down Town Boys

A: Mail Man Bring Me No More Blues
B: Guess Things Happen That Way

Z45-1027          1960

Jan Linden

A: Among My Souvenirs
B: Blue Skies

Z45-1028          1960

Eddie Howell With The Jock Nisbet Group

A: Teenage Baby

Eddie Howell With The Choir Of The Auckland Choral Society

B: When It's Springtime In The Rockies

Z45-1029          1960

Red Hewett & The Buccaneers

A: Midnight Special


B: Beatnik Fly (Blue Tail Fly)

Z45-1030          1960

Keil Isles and Herma Keil

A: Be My Guest
B: Do You Miss Me

Z45-1031          1960

Red Hewett & The Buccaneers

A: Boston
B: Blues Stay Away From Me

Z45-1032          1960

Luke Dalton

A: Outside My Window
B: Wedding Bliss

It is likely that this record was not released.



Z45-1033          1960

Eddie Howell And The Buccaneers

A: Lonely Blue Boy
B: By The Light Of The Silvery Moon

It is likely that this record was not released.



Z45-1034          1960

Glyn Tucker With Ian Lowe And The Tornadoes

A: Carol
B: I'm In Love

Z45-1035          1960

Keil Isles and Herma Keil

A: Boogie Boy

Keil Isles

B: Shakey

Z45-1036          1960

Eddie Howell

A: Little Bitty Girl
B: If I Had A Girl

Z45-1037          1960

Keil Isles and Herma Keil

A: Country Boy
B: Poor Man's Riches

Z45-1038          1960

Howard Morrison Quartet

A: Because Of You
B: Hoki Mai

Z45-1039          1960

Eddie Howell with Ben Tawhiti and the Matonaires

A: Hippy Hippy Shake
B: Stuck On You

Z45-1040          1960

Keil Isles and Herma Keil

A: Made To Be Loved
B: Come On And Get Me

Z45-1041          1960

Charlie Couch With The Toko Sisters

A: Starlight Starbright
B: If I Had A Way

Z45-1042          1960

Danny Robinson And The Toko Sisters with Ben Tawhiti and his Islanders

A: King Tawhiao
B: Pamai

Z45-1043          1960

Three Lads

A: Sea Bird
B: Drunken Sailor

Z45-1044          1960

Eddie Howell With Ben Tawhiti And The Matonaires

A: Cathy's Clown
B: Well, Don't You Know

Z45-1045          1960

Zodiac Paradise Islanders with Leigh Westbrook & Steve Francis

A: Hawaiian Boogie

Zodiac Paradise Islanders with Steve Francis

B: You And I On Our Lanai

Z45-1046          1960

Owen Griffiths With The Rockettes

A: Swingin' School
B: Angela Jones

Z45-1047          1960

Peter Posa

A: Sweet Georgia Brown
B: Some Of These Days

Z45-1048          1960

Bill Morton

A: Hanging Tree
B: Riders In The Sky



Image Unavailable at this time Image Unavailable at this time
Z45-1049          1960

Esme Stephens And The Silhouettes With The Peter Posa Combo

A: Sixteen Reasons
B: Paper Roses

Z45-1050          1960


A: Down Yonder
B: Goofus

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