Zodiac Records 7


Z45-1151          1964

Glendelles With The Silhouettes

A: Popsicles And Icicles
B: Please Mr. Postman


Please Mr. Postman also included Cathy Howe on vocals. This label doesn't reflect that, so a correction was made. See Cathy Howe for the re-issued label.

Z45-1152          1964

Jimmy Sloggett

A: Stompin' South
B: Crossfire

Z45-1153          1964

Ray Columbus And The Invaders

A: On My Mind


B: Theme From "Dr. No" (The James Bond Theme)

Z45-1154          1964


A: Baby Jane
B: Keep A Knocking

Z45-1155          1964

Graeme Bartlett Combo

A: Wobbly
B: Roller-Coaster



Z45-1156          1964

Lou And Simon

A: If You've Got The Money
B: It's Only The Beginning

Z45-1157          1964

Al Paget Sextet

A: Stampede
B: Chariot Stomp

Z45-1158          1964


A: Tell Me Why
B: Johnny B. Goode

Z45-1159          1964

Kini Quartet

A: Hitch-Hiker
B: He Didn't Know

Z45-1160          1964

Bob Davis And The Wanderers

A: Short Fat Horrie (Long Tall Texan)
B: No Vacancy

Z45-1161          1964

Allison Durbin

A: Count On Me
B: Lovers Lane

Z45-1162          1964

Mauri Chan

A: Istanbul
B: Grazina

Z45-1163          1964

Glendelles With The Sierras

A: Please Please Daddy
B: Four Winds And The Seven Seas

Z45-1164          1964

Ray Columbus And The Invaders

A: She's A Mod
B: Poison Ivy

Z45-1165          1964

Andre Lavelle Trio

A: Me Que Me Que
B: Les Amoureux Des Bancs Publics

Z45-1166          1964

John Goodare And The Beatnicks

A: I Begin To Like
B: Mandee

Z45-1167          1964


A: Great Balls Of Fire
B: Memphis Tennessee

Z45-1168          1964

Gary Bayer

A: Big Bad Bass
B: Rumpus

Z45-1169          1964

Cathy Howe And The Sierras

A: High Noon
B: True Love Will Come To You

Z45-1170          1964

Alan Morrison

A: Lovesick
B: Cry, Cry Baby

Z45-1171          1964

Cathy Howe And The Sierras

A: Meet Me In St. Louis
B: Easy Come, Easy Go

Z45-1172          1964

The Sierras

A: Romeo
B: Haven

Z45-1173          1964


A: Nitty Gritty
B: Things Will Be Different

Z45-1174          1964

The Sierras

A: Fall Of The Roman Empire
B: Tiptoe

Z45-1175          1964


A: Jambalaya
B: Maybellene

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