Zodiac Records 4


Z45-1076          1961

Peter Posa

A: San Antonio Rose
B: Should I

Z45-1077          1961

Rusty Greaves

A: I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
B: Great Snowman

Z45-1078          1962


A: Phantom Train
B: Panic

Z45-1079          1962

Freddie Keil And The Kavaliers

A: What About Me
B: Take Good Care Of Her

Z45-1080          1962

Peter Posa

A: Berlin Melody
B: Guitar Boogie

Z45-1081          1962

Mina Foley

A: Nun's Chorus From "Cassanova"
B: La Virgine Degli Angeli

Z45-1082          1962

Freddie Keil And The Kavaliers And The Hi-Brows

A: Twist
B: Tossin' And Turnin'

Z45-1083          1962


A: Blue Water Line
B: Girl Of My Dreams

Z45-1084          1962

Kini Quartet

A: Hard Times Are Comin'
B: Kotahitanga

Z45-1085          1962

Freddie Keil And The Kavaliers With The Hi-Brows

A: Wanderer
B: Twistin' The Night Away

Z45-1086          1962

Peter Posa

A: Percolator (Twist)
B: Rebound

Z45-1087          1962

Lou And Simon

A: Young World
B: Nancy

Z45-1088          1962

Kini Quartet

A: Jenny And Johnny
B: Storm Girl

Z45-1089          1962

Hi-Brows & The Playdates

A: Left Right Twist
B: Look Around

It is likely that this record was not released.



Z45-1090          1962

Peter Posa

A: Buttons And Bows
B: Georgia Camp Meeting

Z45-1091          1962

Fia Chaplin With Stuart Parson's Quintet

A: Too Hot To Twist
B: Twist With The Yeti

Z45-1092          1962

Kini Quartet

A: Sealed With A Kiss
B: I Only Have Eyes For You

Z45-1093          1962

Lou And Simon

A: Old MacDonald Had A Farm
B: Otangaroa (Beyond The Reef)

Z45-1094          1962

Peter Posa

A: Mr. Hobbs (Theme)
B: Breeze And I

Z45-1095          1962

Ken Farr

A: John Kelly The Boy From Killan
B: Girl In The Wood

Z45-1096          1962

Ray Woolf with the Raytones

A: Things
B: Fortune Teller

Z45-1097          1962

Ray Woolf with the Raytones

A: Ugly Duckling
B: I Cry And Cry

Z45-1098          1962

Nancy Harrie

A: Alley Cat
B: Fascination Rag

Z45-1099          1962

Ray Woolf and the Embers

A: If You Were A Rock And Roll Record
B: Little Boy Blue

Z45-1100          1962

Lou and Simon and the Embers

A: This Time I Would Know
B: It's Just The Idea

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