Zodiac Records 10


Z45-1226          Nov-1965


A: I Cry
B: You And Me

Z45-1227          Dec-1965

Allison Durbin

A: Mix It Up
B: Little Girl Go Home

Z45-1228          1965


A: Popcorn
B: Alabama Jubilee

Z45-1229          1965

Silvio De Pra

A: Angelito
B: Innamorata (Sweetheart)

Z45-1230          Jan-1966

Cathy Howe With Ben's Chimes

A: Selfish One
B: He's My Boy

Z45-1231          Jan-1966

Mr. Lee Grant with The Sierras

A: Doo Doodle Oo Doo
B: As Long As I Have You

Z45-1232          Jan-1966

Ray Columbus And The Invaders

A: All Through Pride
B: Tonight Is The Time

Z45-1233          Jan-1966


A: Love, Love, Love
B: It's In Her Kiss

Z45-1234          Mar-1966

Bobby Davis

A: Thanks Anyway
B: Work Song

Z45-1235          Jan-1966

Neil And Susan

A: Blood Red River
B: Little Yellow Roses

Z45-1236          Mar-1966


A: Like Columbus Did
B: Sometimes

Z45-1237          Apr-1966

Gray Bartlett

A: Music For My Lady (Madame De Pompadour)
B: Give The World A Smile

Z45-1238          Apr-1966

Four Fours

A: This Time Tomorrow
B: Trucking Blues

Z45-1239          1966

Gray Bartlett

A: Thunderball
B: Runaway

Z45-1240          Apr-1966

Bill And Boyd

A: I Wanna Love My Life Away
B: If She Was Mine

Z45-1241          Apr-1966

Ray Woolf And The Newsounds

A: One In The Middle
B: Summertime

Z45-1242          Apr-1966

Four Fours

A: From The Bottom Of My Heart
B: Stingray

Z45-1243          Apr-1966

The Sierras

A: What More Do You Want
B: She's The One

Z45-1244          May-1966


A: We'll Meet Again
B: I Don't Care

Z45-1245          May-1966


A: It's All Over Now Baby Blue
B: Mother May I

Z45-1246          Jun-1966

Sandy Edmonds

A: Give Him My Love
B: La Bamba

Z45-1247          Jun-1966

Bobby Davis

A: Leaning On A Lamp-Post
B: Dear Dad

Z45-1248          Jun-1966

Climax Jazz Band

A: I Want A Girl
B: When My Sugar Walks Down The Street

Z45-1249          Jul-1966


A: I'll Be On My Way
B: Hubble Bubble (Toil & Trouble)

Z45-1250          Jul-1966

Sandy Edmonds

A: Listen People
B: Sunshine, Lollipops And Rainbows

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