Zodiac Records 12


Z45-1304          Jun-1967


A: Romeo And Juliet
B: I Can't Make A Friend

Z45-1305          May-1967


A: Here Today
B: La La Lies

Z45-1306          May-1967


A: Sitting In The Rain
B: Shortnin' Bread

Z45-1307          Jun-67

Peter Posa

A: Moon Is Making Eyes
B: Somewhere My Love

Z45-1308          1967

Lou And Simon

A: Edelweiss
B: Yellow Submarine

Z45-1309          Aug-1967


A: Three Cool Cats
B: Security

Z45-1310          Sep-1967


A: Blast-Off 1970
B: Sunday Breeze

Z45-1311          Sep-1967


A: Never Ever
B: Something About You

Z45-1312          Sep-1967


A: Notice Me
B: When Will The Seasons Bring

Z45-1313          1967

Cathy Howe

A: Then He Kissed Me
B: High Noon

Z45-1314          Oct-1967


A: Cheating (Part 1)
B: Cheating (Part 2)

Z45-1315          Oct-1967

Bob Davis

A: Have You Ever Had The Blues
B: When I'm Sixty-Four

Z45-1316          Nov-1967

Rusty Greaves

A: Hold Everything
B: China Doll

Z45-1317          1967

Mr. Lee Grant

A: Doo Doodle Oo Doo
B: As Long As I Have You



Another typo on the song title.

Z45-1318          Dec-1967


A: Don't Get Around Much Anymore
B: Piper

Z45-1319          1967

Gene Pierson

A: Love, Love, Love
B: Celeste

Z45-1320          Feb-1968

Underdogs Blues Band

A: Hey Gyp
B: Mary Ann

Z45-1321          Dec-1967


A: Somethin' Fresh
B: It's Growing

Z45-1322          Feb-1968


A: Never You Mind
B: I Want Your Love

Z45-1323          Jan-1968

Jennie Goodwin

A: My Tender Love
B: You'd Better Love Me

Z45-1324          Feb-1968

Max Cryer And The Children

A: Talk To The Animals
B: Pinto Pete

Z45-1325          Feb-1968

Union Sound Inc. (Germany)

A: A Man And A Woman
B: A Girl In The Crowd


Not a New Zealand group, just shown here for label completeness.

Z45-1326          Apr-1968

Troubled Mind

A: Under My Thumb
B: Child

Z45-1327          1968

Loot (England)

A: Whenever You're Ready
B: I Got What You Want


Not a New Zealand group, just shown here for label completeness.

Z45-1328          Apr-1968

Klan (Belgium)

A: Nobody Will Ever Help You
B: Alone In The Night


Not a New Zealand group, just shown here for label completeness.

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