Zodiac Records 3


Z45-1051          1960

Silhouettes with Ben Tawhiti and the Matonaires

A: My Tani

Silhouettes featuring Terry Morrison with Ben Tawhiti and the Matonaires

B: Alley-Oop

Z45-1052          1960

Apaapa Sisters With The Peter Posa Combo

A: Train Of Love
B: Sentimental Kid

Z45-1053          1960

Eddie Howell With The Silhouettes With Ben Tawhiti And The Matonaires

A: Tell Laura I Love Her
B: Trouble In Paradise

Z45-1054          1960

Keil Isles and Herma Keil

A: Don't Come Knockin'
B: My Heart Cries For You

Z45-1055          1960

Charlie Couch And The Silhouettes

A: Look For A Star
B: Shrine On The Second Floor

Z45-1056          1960

Rusty Greaves

A: Mule Skinner Blues
B: Fraulein

Z45-1057          1960

Red Hewett & The Buccaneers

A: Dreamin'
B: Is A Blue Bird Blue?

Z45-1058          1960

Apaapa Sisters

A: E Waka E
B: Tehia (Maori Welcome)


Artist Name is spelt wrong on the label.

Z45-1059          1960

Rod Derrett

A: Teddy Boys Picnic
B: Court Jester

Z45-1060          1960

Happi Hill

A: Full Back Of Cards
B: Pine Trees To Toothpicks

Z45-1061          1960

Peter Posa

A: Josephine
B: Steel Guitar Rag

Z45-1062          1960

Rod Derret

A: Bongo Train
B: Kiwi Train

Z45-1063          1960

Freddie Keil And The Kavaliers

A: Three Nights A Week
B: I Found A New Love

Z45-1064          1960

Dawson Rata

A: Im Amorata
B: In My Little Corner Of The World

Z45-1065          1960

Claude Papesch

A: In Apple Blossom Time
B: Danny Boy

Z45-1066          1961

Bill Wolfgramm And His Hawaiians

A: Hawaiian War Chant

Daphne Walker With Bill Wolfgram And His Hawaiians

B: Gay Hawaiian Party

Z45-1067          1961

Keil Isles and Herma Keil

A: Little Too Much
B: Yes Sir! That's My Baby

Z45-1068          1961

Red Hewitt

A: Girl With The Story In Her Eyes
B: I Don't Care

Z45-1069          1961

Laurie Morrison And The Del-Kings

A: Sweeter As The Days Go By
B: Nobody But Me

Z45-1070          1961

Rex Jensen

A: Portrait Of My Love
B: April Showers

Z45-1071          1961

Peter Posa

A: Wheels
B: La Paloma

Z45-1072          1961

Trevor Coe

A: Blizzard
B: Home Coming

Z45-1073          1961

Owen Griffiths & The Rockettes

A: But I Do
B: Blue Suede Shoes

It is likely that this record was not released.



Z45-1074          1961

Peter Posa

A: Listen To The Mocking Bird
B: Sheik Of Araby

Z45-1075          1961

Jeff Hemingway, Peter Posa, Gene Blaser, Bill Jones

A: Playin' Possum
B: Passion Flower

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