Zodiac Records 11


Z45-1251          Jul-1966

The Sierras

A: Magic Potion
B: Wine

Z45-1252          Jul-1966

Neil And Susan

A: Four Strong Winds
B: Julie Ann

Z45-1253          Jul-1966


A: Lament Of A Clerical Worker
B: Cinderella

Z45-1254          Aug-1966

Soul Agents

A: If You And I Could Be As Two
B: For My Woman

Z45-1255          1966

Bridge City Jazzmen

A: Sit Down You're Rockin' The Boat
B: When The Saints Go Marching In

Z45-1256          Aug-1966


A: Coming Generation
B: That's What I Want

Z45-1257          Aug-1966

Bridge City Jazzmen

A: Sweetheart Tree
B: Second-Hand Rose

Z45-1258          Sep-1966


A: Is It Over Baby?
B: Hurtin' All Over

Z45-1259          Oct-1966

Four Fours

A: Go-Go
B: Don't Print My Memoirs

Z45-1260          Oct-66


A: A Working Man
B: In Time

Z45-1261          Nov-1966

Sandy Edmonds

A: Come See Me
B: Now That You've Made Up Your Mind

Z45-1262          Nov-1966

Bill And Boyd

A: Edelweiss
B: Don't Ever Change

Z45-1263          Nov-1966


A: Guilty
B: Can't Pretend

Z45-1264          Dec-1966

Gary Bayer

A: Tijuana Taxi
B: Brazilian Summer

Z45-1265          Dec-1966

Lou And Simon

A: Around The Pops
B: Converted Maori Car

Z45-1266          Dec-1966

Fair Sect

A: Kimberly
B: Never Again

Z45-1267          Nov-1966


A: Understand Our Age
B: Ain't That Lovin' You Baby

Z45-1268          Dec-1966

The Sierras

A: Big City
B: Now And Again

Z45-1269          Jan-1967

Sandy Edmonds

A: Please Don't Switch Off The Moon Mr. Spaceman
B: I Love Onions

Z45-1270          Jan-1967


A: I Can't Wait For The Summertime
B: Flying Saucers

Z45-1271          Apr-1967

Four Fours

A: One Track Mind
B: Hawaii




After this release, the catalogue numbers jumped to Z45-1300, leaving a gap of 28 numbers.

Z45-1300          May-1967


A: You Gotta Believe It
B: I Can't Say


Z45-/1301          May-1967

Bobby Davis

A: Nose For Trouble
B: I'll Remember Today

Z45-1302          Feb-1967


A: See-Saw
B: Looking Back

Z45-1303          May-1967


A: Friction
B: A True Gentleman

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