Bridge City Jazzmen


Possible Members:
    Don Bruce (Trumpet)
    John Wilcox (Piano)
    Bruce King (Drums)
    Neil McGough (Trombone)
    Ray Pilkington (Clarinet)
    Jack Randle (Piano)
    Mike Foley (Double Bass)
    Terry Flynn (Drums)
    Bernie Allen (Clarinet)
    Merv Thomas (Trombone)
    Neville Grenfell (Trumpet)
    Pete McGregor (Double Bass)
    Gary O'Connor

The Bridge City Jazzmen was founded in 1962 by Don Bruce and John Wilcox. In the following years there were changes in the line up and Bruce King joined in 1963. In the late 1960s the band went into recess, but reformed again in 1994, bringing in Bernie Allen (clarinet), and Merv Thomas (trombone, vocal). Then following some deaths and disability within the ranks, the band is now back in business, having welcomed Neville Grenfell (trumpet) and Pete McGregor (double bass), and continuing to play swinging Dixieland jazz inspired by the Chicago style of Eddie Condonís All Stars.

The Bridge City Jazzmen released five single on the Zodiac / Viscount label during 1965 and 1966.



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