Zodiac Records 13


Z45-1329          1968


A: I Was Born One Hundred Thousand Years Ago
B: Tears Don't Have To Fall

Z45-1330          1968

Gene Pierson

A: You Got To Me
B: Rainy Day In June

Z45-1331          Mar-1968

Max Cryer And The Children

A: Money To Burn
B: Ave Maria

Z45-1332          1968


A: Town Of Tuxley Toymaker
B: Breaking My Back

Z45-1333          Mar-1968


A: Try A Little Tenderness
B: Hound Dog

Z45-1334          Apr-1968

Toni Williams

A: Sad, Lonely And Blue
B: Please Send Me Someone To Love

Z45-1335          1968

Gene Pierson

A: Toyland
B: Matchstick In A Whirlpool

Z45-1336           1968

Sound Investment

A: A Whole New Thing
B: Oh Pretty Woman

Z45-1337          Jul-1968


A1: Ballad Of A Busker
A2: Listen To Me


B1: The Great Drain Robbery


The Germlins is still the Gremlins using an alternate spelling.

Z45-1338          Aug-1968


A: Kingsforth Hemmingseen
B: Don't Just Stand There

Z45-1339          Sep-1968

Gene Pierson

A: If You Only Loved Me
B: Just One Tender Look

Z45-1340          1968

Toni Williams

A: There's No Limit
B: Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp

Z45-1341          Jan-1969

Toni Williams

A: I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
B: Ten Guitars

Z45-1342          Jan-1969

Roger Skinner And The Motivation

A: Hey There (Have You Seen My Baby)
B: Time

Z45-1343          Jan-1969

Dallas Four

A: Sitting In The Park
B: Rag Doll

Z45-1344          Jan-1969


A: There Will Come A Time
B: Fine Jung Thing

Z45-1345          1969

Allan Dean [US]

A: Till Tonight
B: Jacaranda

Z45-1346          Jul-1969

Gerry Sword

A: Now She's Gone
B: Love Me

Z45-1347          Jun-1969

Toni Williams

A: Dominating Man
B: Beautiful Smile

Z451348          Mar-1970

Toni Williams

A: I Love My Children
B: You're Not The Crying Kind



Another typo with artist name.

Z45-1349          Aug-1969

Hi-Revving Tongues

A: Baby Come Back To Me
B: Little Red Rooster

Z45-1350          Sep-1969

Hi-Revving Tongues

A: Rain And Tears
B: Watermelon Man

Z45-1351          Aug-1969


A: Daddy Sang Bass
B: Tom Cat

Z45-1352          Oct-1969

Fair Sect

A: Rattler
B: Bye, Bye Baby

Z45-1353          Oct-1969

Sea Of Tranquility

A: Epitaph
B: Charlena

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