Zodiac Records 15


Z45-1379          1972


A: Rock 'N Roll Circus
B: Ruby

Z45-1380          1972

Ken Lemon

A: Window Number Five
B: Crying On The Inside

Z45-1381          1973

Adriaan Vermunt

A: My Sweet Mama (Ma Douce Mamam)
B: The Magic Show

Z45-1382          1973


A: Clear Water Revival
B: Free

Z45-1383          1973

Littlejohn Band

A: Dead And Gone
B: Turning Onto Rock And Roll

Z45-1384          1973

Lee Patrick And Gemini

A: Maybe Someday
B: Love A Little Bit Longer

Z45-1385          1973

Glenn Halls

A: Sitting In The Apple Tree
B: Super Good Feeling

Z45-1386          1973

Ginny Peters

A: Love Is Gone
B: Satisfy Her Hunger

Z45-1387          1973

Lee Patrick And Gemini

A: More Than Sympathy
B: Christine

Z45-1388          1973

Larry Small

A: Golden Age
B: Pledging On Fear

Z45-1389          1973

Face (Featuring Mark Williams)

A: Hangin Around
B: Mr Postman

Z45-1390          1973

Human Instinct

A: Gypsy Lady
B: Hustler


A very limited rare release.



Image not available at present Image not available at present
Z45-1391          1973

Lee Patrick

A: Beautiful You
B: Sally Anne

Z45-1392          1974

Murray Grindlay

A: Nova's Song
B: Thoughts On Returning Home

Z45-1393          1974

Hot Ash

A: What A Day
B: Feel It

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