Glendelles L to R: Sharon Swain, Barbara Stitchbury, Louise Girven, Barbara Brown & Susan Redfern                                                                                   

    Susan Redfern
    Sharon Swain
    Barbara Brown
    Louise Girven
    Barbara Stitchbury

Gary Daverne, who had previously been a member of Red Hewitt and the Buccaneers, was the music teacher at Glendowie College in Auckland. He was also the owner of the Viscount record label. In 1963 he put together a group of five of his pupils and called them the Glendelles. They were mainly used to provide backing vocals on records Gary produced for his main artist, Cathy Howe.

In 1964 the Glendelles released three records of their own, although none of them were very successful. They were "Sally Go Round The Roses"/"Ring-Ting-A-Ding", "Please Mr Postman"/"Popsicles and Icicles" and "Please Please Daddy"/"The Four Winds". The second record also featured the Silhouettes, and "Please Mr Postman" featured Cathy Howe on vocals.


The Glendelles can also be found on the following compilations:-


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