Australian Phonecard
Prefix Numbers

The Anritsu Cards produced by Telstra were made up in a Prefix Number range starting at 0 and concluding with 1581. The prefix number is identifiable, starting from the right, as the 6th to 9th numbers on any card. Thus, in the two images shown below, card number 0000017349599 is the 49,599th card of prefix 173, while card number 0132167982 is the 67,982nd card of prefix 1321. Some unique issues were spread over a number of prefix numbers, while other prefix numbers were shared with different faces.


0-100 801-900
101-200 901-1000
201-300 1001-1100
301-400 1101-1200
401-500 1201-1300
501-600 1301-1400
601-700 1401-1500
701-800 1501-1581