Jeff Paulic (Lead Guitar)
    Garry Harvey (Bass Guitar)
    Trevor Crump (Drums)
    Steve Crump (Rhythm Guitar)
    Bruce Sontgen (Vocals)

The Boddys was formed in 1966 by Bruce Sontgen, after he left the Layabouts, in order to expand upon the blues he had been playing with his earlier band, the Wild Cats. Covering hits by the Animals, Fleetwood Mac and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, they played mainly at the Galaxie and Shiralee in Auckland.

In 1966 the blues/soul boom was well underway in Auckland. Three bands led the way, they were the Underdogs, the Soul Agents and the Boddys. These three played along side each other and it wasn't long before personnel changes took place. Jeff Paulic was replaced by Lou Rawnsley, from the Founders, and Trevor Crump by Tony Walton, also from the Founders and the Triffids. Both Rawnsley and Walton then left to join the Underdogs. Steve Crump was replaced by Dave Stewart, and later Dave and Garry Harvey went on to form a band called Kristian Bruce, which didn't last long when Stewart left to join Le Frame.

With no-one left in the Boddys, Sontgen joined a reforming Layabouts, before going to Apple. He was later to appear in Tom Thumb and Highway. No recordings were ever made by the Boddys.


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