Joe Brown 2



JB. 130          1968

Peter Posa

A: Your Tears Are Mine
B: Wimaway

JB. 131          1968

John Hore

A: Mother
B: Fools Paradise

JB. 132          1968

Howard Morrison

A: Power Game
B: My Mothers Eyes

JB. 133          1968

Cathy Saunders

A: Who Is Wakeing?
B: Give Me Freedom

JB. 134          1969

John Hore

A: I Really Don't Want To Know
B: 160 Acres

JB. 135          1970

Eddie Low

A: You Better Sit Down Kids
B: I Want To Be Free


JB. 136          1970

John Hore and Leslie Mettin

A: My Elusive Dream

John Hore

B: Walk Away

JB. 137          1970

Tui Fox

A: You Can't Stop Love
B: Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart

JB. 138          1970

Eddie Low

A: It Don't Hurt Anymore
B: Save The Last Dance For Me

JB. 139          1970

Leslie Mettam

A: Once More With Feeling
B: Soon Is Slipping Away

JB. 140          1970

Jennifer Hosten

A: Charlie Was A Good Man
B: Grenada

JB. 141          1971

Eddie Low

A: Tumbleweed
B: A Star Fell From Heaven

JB. 142          1971

Eddie Low

A: Help Me Make It Through The Night
B: The Night We Called It A Day

JB. 143          1971

Eddie Low

A: Goom Ba Summer
B: A Stranger In My Place

JB. 144          1971

Eddie Low

A: Bonnie Please Don't Go
B: Colour My World

JB. 145          1972

Eddie Low

A: One Way Wind
B: Five Little Fingers

JB. 146          1972

Eddie Low

A: Lonely Women Make Good Lovers
B: Walk Hand In Hand

JB. 147          1972

Gary Buck              (Canadian Artist)

A: Love Away My Lonely
B: Don't It Make You Wanna Go Home


Gary Buck was a Canadian singer that Eddie Lowe met while recording in Canada. He did a duet with him on the next recording.

JB. 148          1972

Eddie Low and Gary Buck  (Canadian)

A: Pokarekare Ana

Eddie Low

B: Lodi

JB. 149          1972

John Hore

A: I Hear Your Name
B: You Made My Life A Song

JB. 150          1975

Eddie Low

A: You're Everything That Love's Supposed To Be
B: The Impossible Dream

JB. 151          1975

Eddie Low and Daughter Marie

A: Daddy What If

Eddie Low

B: Scarlett Ribbons

JB. 152          1975


JB. 153          1975

Eddie Low

A: I Just Wish You Were Someone I Love
B: The Pain Continues

JB. 154          1975

Howard Morrison with Brandon Intermediate School

A: Sailing / Eres Tu

Howard Morrison and Mrs Morrison

B: Maringi Noa

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