John McLellan (Drums)
    Ken Fitzmorris (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals)
    Alan Anderson (Bass Guitar)
    Kevin Stent (Lead Guitar / Vocals)

The Dominos came from the Upper Hutt region of Wellington and were formed in 1961, making them one of the first real rock and roll bands to emerge on the local scene.

Their style was mainly based on the Shadows, but they also were influenced by the American stars of the day, such as Ricky Nelson and Marty Robbins.

When John McLellan left the band, Alan Anderson got his younger brother Andy (whose real name was Neville) to step in on drums. But this was short-lived, as the band broke up soon after, when Kevin Stent was asked to join the Sensational Six - Strangers. Andy went on to join the Corvairs before moving to Australia in 1964, where he became a member of the Missing Links, using the name Andy James, and he eventually returned to New Zealand to take a place in Arkastra in the early seventies.


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