Angela Ayers

Angela Ayers was a pop singer from Palmerston North. She was also known for her dancing and appeared on television as the star of the series "Sing".

She recorded a single on Kontact in 1973 called "Humpty Dumpty"/"I Am A Fantasy" and followed that up the next year with "Upside Down"/"I Love Your Kind Of Loving". Later in 1974 she teamed up with Robert Gennari to release one more single called "We're Gonna Make It Tonight"/"I Know".

That was all we heard from Angela and by the end of the seventies she had moved to Australia. Over there she released two singles on Interfusion. The first in 1979 was "Key To My Heart (Rose's Song)"/"Back Together Again" and the second in 1980 "Head Over Heels"/"Wait and See".


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