Merilyn Harter (Vocals)
    Charlie Harter (Keyboards / Guitar / Vocals / Flute)
    Neil Frances (Bass Guitar / Percussion)

Haystack were a Masterton pop trio, who started out as Four Wheel Drive. It has been reported that they appeared on television on "The Entertainers", but this in fact was not true, it was only Merilyn and Charlie who appeared as a duo under their names. As a result of this they appeared on a TV pop show, singing a cover of the James Taylor/Carly Simon hit "Mockingbird". Haystack did take part in the Radio NZ's "Quest", around 1975/6.

Haystack recorded an album called "As We Appear" for Tree Records in 1977. From it came their only single "Bright Boy"/"Ebenezer". Tom Swainson was borrowed from EMI to be the session drummer on the album.

Haystack can also be found on the following compilation:-


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