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One Night (Of Sin)          (2:37)


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Written By :  

Dave Bartholomew & Pearl King

Recorded :  

Radio Recorders, Hollywood, January 15-18, January 21-22, February 14, 1957: January 16, 1957

Released On :  

Legendary Performer Volume 4
Reconsider Baby
Complete 50's Masters
Time-Life Collection - Volume 8 - Rhythm & Blues

FTD - Loving You (2006)

Master (Edited intro & ending)



Comments :  

This early recording of "One Night (of Sin)" was rejected as being unsuitable for release owing to its risqué lyrics. It was eventually released in 1983. Elvis re-recorded the track on February 23, 1957 with altered lyrics and it was released as "One Night".

The edited version on Reconsider Baby had the count-in for "Don't Leave Me Now" edited to the beginning and the last two bars of the master from February 23 spliced on the end.


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