Beach Boys



Catalogue No

Date Released

Surfin' Luau (US) Candix 331 1961, December
Surfin' Luau (US) X 301 1961, December
Surfin' Luau (US) Candix 301 1962, January
Barbie What Is A Young Girl Made Of (US) Randy 422 1962, April
Surfin' Safari 409 (US) Capitol 4777 (UK) Capitol CL 15273 (AUS) Capitol CP-1484 1962, June
Ten Little Indians County Fair (US) Capitol 4880 (UK) Capitol CL 15285 (AUS) Capitol CP-1503 1962, November
Surfin' USA Shut Down (US) Capitol 4932 (UK) Capitol CL 15305 (AUS) Capitol CP-1517 1963, March
Surfer Girl Little Deuce Coupe (US) Capitol 5009 (AUS) Capitol CP-1533 1963, July
Be True To Your School In My Room (US) Capitol 5069 (AUS) Capitol CP-1545 1963, October
Little Saint Nick Lord's Prayer, The (US) Capitol 5096 (AUS) Capitol CP-1585 1963, December
Hawaii Rocking Surfer, The (AUS) Capitol CP-1551 1964, January
Fun, Fun, Fun Why Do Fools Fall In Love (US) Capitol 5118 (UK) Capitol CL 15339 (AUS) Capitol CP-1557 1964, February
I Get Around Don't Worry, Baby (US) Capitol 5174 (UK) Capitol CL 15350 (AUS) Capitol CP-1569 1964, May
When I Grow Up (To Be A Man) She Knows Me Too Well (US) Capitol 5245 (UK) Capitol CL 15361 (AUS) Capitol CP-1581 1964, August
Dance, Dance, Dance Warmth Of The Sun, The (US) Capitol 5306 (UK) Capitol CL 15370 (AUS) Capitol CP-1588 1964, October
Man With All The Toys, The Blue Christmas (US) Capitol 5312 1964, November
Do You Wanna Dance Please Let Me Wonder (US) Capitol 5372 (AUS) Capitol CP-1598 1965, February
All Summer Long Do You Wanna Dance (UK) Capitol CL 15384 1965, March
Help Me, Rhonda Kiss Me Baby (US) Capitol 5395 (UK) Capitol CL 15392 (AUS) Capitol CP-1602 1965, April
California Girls Let Him Run Wild (US) Capitol 5464 (UK) Capitol CL 15409 (AUS) Capitol CP-1614 1965, July
Little Girl I Once Knew, The There's No Other (Like My Baby) (US) Capitol 5540 (UK) Capitol CL 15425 (AUS) Capitol CP-1628 1965, November
Barbara Ann Girl Don't Tell Me (US) Capitol 5561 (UK) Capitol CL 15432 (AUS) Capitol CP-1632 1965, December
Caroline, No Summer Means New Love (US) Capitol 5610 (UK) Capitol CL 15438 (AUS) Capitol CP-1642 1966, March
Sloop John B You're So Good To Me (US) Capitol 5602 (UK) Capitol CL 15441 (AUS) Capitol CP-1643 1966, March
Wouldn't It Be Nice God Only Knows (US) Capitol 5706 (UK) Capitol CL 15459 (AUS) Capitol CP-1663 1966, July
Good Vibrations Let's Go Away For A While (US) Capitol 5676 (AUS) Capitol CP-1673 1966, October
Good Vibrations Wendy (UK) Capitol CL 15475 1966, October
Mountain Of Love Then I Kissed Her (UK) Capitol CL 15502 (AUS) Capitol CP-1689 1967, April
Heroes And Villains You're Welcome (US) Brother 1001 (UK) Capitol CL 15510 (AUS) Capitol CP-1699 1967, August
Gettin' Hungry Devoted To You (US) Brother 1002 (UK) Capitol CL 15513 (AUS) Capitol CP-1704 1967, August
Wild Honey Wind Chimes (US) Capitol 2028 (UK) Capitol CL 15521 (AUS) Capitol CP-1709 1967, October
Darlin' Here Today (US) Capitol 2068 (AUS) Capitol CP-1715 1967, December
Darlin' Country Air (UK) Capitol CL 15527 1968, January
Friends Little Bird (US) Capitol 2160 (UK) Capitol CL 15545 (AUS) Capitol CP-8358 1968, April
Do It Again Wake The World (US) Capitol 2239 (UK) Capitol CL 15554 (AUS) Capitol CP-8429 1968, July
Bluebirds Over The Mountain Never Learn Not To Love (US) Capitol 2360 (UK) Capitol CL 15572 (AUS) Capitol CP-8619 1968, December
I Can Hear Music All I Want To Do (US) Capitol 2432 (UK) Capitol CL 15584 (AUS) Capitol CP-8709 1969, March
Break Away Celebrate The News (US) Capitol 2530 (UK) Capitol CL 15598 (AUS) Capitol CP-8809 1969, June
Add Some Music To Your Day Susie Cincinnati (US) Brother/Reprise 0894 1970, February
Cottonfields Nearest Faraway Place, The (US) Capitol 2765 (UK) Capitol CL 15640 (AUS) Capitol CP-9122 1970, April
Slip On Through This Whole World (US) Brother/Reprise 0929 1970, June
Tears In The Morning It's About Time (US) Brother/Reprise 0957 (UK) Stateside SS 2181 (AUS) Stateside OSS 9319 1970, October
Sound Of Free Lady (UK) Stateside SS 2184 1970, December
Cool, Cool Water Forever (US) Brother/Reprise 0998 1971, March
Wouldn't It Be Nice (Live) Times They Are A-Changin' (Live) by Merry Clayton (US) Ode 66016 1971, April
Long Promised Road Deirdre (US) Brother/Reprise 1015 (UK) Stateside SS 2190 1971, May
Long Promised Road Til I Die (US) Brother/Reprise 1047 1971, October
Surf's Up Don't Go Near The Water (US) Brother/Reprise 1058 1971, November
Don't Go Near The Water Student Demonstration Time (UK) Stateside SS 2194 (AUS) Stateside OSS 9772 1971, November
You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone Cuddle Up (US) Brother/Reprise 1091 (UK) Reprise K14173 1972, May
Marcella Hold On, Dear Brother (US) Brother/Reprise 1101 1972, June
Sail On, Sailor Only With You (US) Brother/Reprise 1138 1973, February
California Saga: California Sail On, Sailor (UK) Reprise K14232 1973, February
California (On My Way To Sunny Californ-i-a) Funky Pretty (US) Brother/Reprise 1156 1973, May
Wouldn't It Be Nice (Live) Surfer Girl (Live) (AUS) Brother/Reprise R 3621 1973, November
Little Saint Nick Lord's Prayer, The (UK) Capitol CL 15772 1973, November
All Summer Long Surfin' Safari (UK) Capitol CL 15781 1974, May
Surfin' USA Warmth Of The Sun, The (US) Capitol 3924 (AUS) Capitol CP 10617 1974, July
Child Of Winter (Christmas Song) Susie Cincinnati (US) Brother/Reprise 1321 1974, December
Sail On, Sailor Only With You (US) Brother/Reprise 1325 (UK) Reprise K14394 1975, March
Little Honda Hawaii (US) Capitol 4093 1975, May
Break Away Celebrate The News (UK) Capitol CL 15822 1975, June
Barbara Ann Little Honda (US) Capitol 4110 1975, June
Wouldn't It Be Nice Caroline, No (US) Brother/Reprise 1336 1975, July
Susie Cincinnati Child Of Winter (UK) Reprise K14411 1976, January
Rock And Roll Music TM Song (US) Brother/Reprise 1354 (UK) Reprise K14440 (AUS) Brother/Reprise RPS1354 1976, May
Good Vibrations Wouldn't It Be Nice (UK) Capitol CL 15875 1976, July
It's OK Had To Phone Ya (US) Brother/Reprise 1368 (UK) Reprise K14448 1976, August
Susie Cincinnati Everyone's In Love With You (US) Brother/Reprise 1375 1976, November
Honkin' Down The Highway Solar System (US) Brother/Reprise 1389 1977, May
Peggy Sue Hey, Little Tomboy (US) Brother/Reprise 1394 (UK) Reprise K14489 1978, August
Kona Coast Sweet Sunday Kinda Love (UK) Reprise K14494 1978, December
Come Go With Me Diane (AUS) Brother/Reprise REP 3882 1978, November
Here Comes The Night (Disco Version) Baby Blue (US) Caribou ZS8 9026 (UK) Caribou S CRB 7204 1979, February
Good Timin' Love Surrounds Me (US) Caribou ZS8 9029 1979, April
Lady Lynda Full Sail (US) Caribou ZS9 9030 (UK) Caribou S CRB 7247 1979, August
Sumahama Angel Come Home (UK) Caribou S CRB 7846 1979, August
It's A Beautiful Day Sumahama (US) Caribou ZS9 9031 1979, October
Good Timin' Goin' South (UK) Caribou S CRB 8055 1979, November
Goin' On Endless Harmony (US) Caribou ZS9 9032 1980, March
Oh, Darlin' Endless Harmony (UK) Caribou S CRB 8367 1980, March
Livin' With A Heartache Santa Ana Winds (US) Caribou ZS9 9033 1980, May
Keepin' The Summer Alive When Girls Get Together (UK) Caribou S CRB 8663 1980, June
Santa Ana Winds Sunshine (UK) Caribou S CRB 8633 1980, July
Medley God Only Knows (US) Capitol A 5030 (UK) Capitol CL 213 (AUS) Capitol CP-556 1981, July
Come Go With Me Don't Go Near The Water (US) Caribou ZS5 02633 (UK) Caribou CRB A 2015 1981, November
East Meets West Rhapsody by Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons (US) FBI FBS7701 1984, September
Getcha Back Male Ego (US) Caribou ZS4 04913 (UK) Caribou A 6324 (AUS) CBS BA 3317 1985, May
It's Gettin' Late It's OK (US) Caribou ZS4 05433 1985, August
Passing Friend It's OK (UK) Caribou A 6471 1985, August
She Believes In Love Again It's Just A Matter Of Time (US) Caribou ZS4 05624 1985, September
California Calling It's OK (AUS) CBS BA 3341 1985, October
Rock 'N' Roll To The Rescue Good Vibrations (Live In London) (US) Capitol B 5595 (UK) Capitol CL 409 (AUS) Capitol CP 1852 1986, June
California Dreamin' Lady Liberty (US) Capitol B 5630 (UK) Capitol CL 425 1986, August
Wipe Out with The Fat Boys Crushin' by The Fat Boys (US) Tin Pan Apple 885 960-7 (UK) Urban URB 5 (AUS) Polydor 885 960-7 1987, July
Happy Endings with Little Richard California Girls (Live) (US) Critique 7 99392 (UK) Atco B9392 1987, November
Kokomo Tutti Frutti by Little Richard (US) Elektra 7-68385 (UK) Elektra EKR 85 (AUS) Elektra 7-69385 1988, July
Don't Worry, Baby with The Everly Brothers Tequila Dreams by Dave Grusin feat. Lee Ritenour (US) Capitol B 44297 (UK) Mercury MER280 1988, December
Still Cruisin' Kokomo (US) Capitol B 44445 (UK) Capitol CL 549 (AUS) Capitol CP 2285 1989, July
Somewhere Near Japan Kokomo (US) Capitol 79841 or B 44475 1989, September
Somewhere Near Japan Wipe Out with The Fat Boys (AUS) Capitol CP 2339 1990, February
Problem Child Problem Child (Instrumental) by Terry Melcher (US) RCA 2646 1990, July
Hot Fun In The Summertime Summer Of Love (US) Brother Entertainment BBR 5247 1992, July
Summer Of Love I'm Always Here by Jim Jamison (US) Scotti Bros 72392 78033-4 1995, May
Fun, Fun, Fun with Status Quo Mortified by Status Quo (UK) Polygram TV 576263-2 1996, February
That's Why God Made The Radio That's Why God Made The Radio - Instrumental (US) Capitol 509994 64989 77 2012, July 3


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