(US) Brother/Reprise MS 2118 (LP)
Released: January 1973

(UK) Reprise K54008 (LP)
Released: January 1973

(AUS) Reprise MS 2118 (LP)
Released: April 1973

Sail On, Sailor  **
Steamboat  *
California Saga: Big Sur  *
California Saga: The Beaks Of Eagles  *
California Saga: California  *
Trader, The  *
Leaving This Town  *
Only With You  *
Funky Pretty  *

* Recorded: Dutch Studio, Baambrugge, Netherlands, June 3 - August 2, 1972
** Recorded: Brother Studio, Santa Monica, California, November 30, 1972

The original editions of Holland came with a 7-inch bonus disc. (See below)

Mount Vernon And Fairway (A Fairy Tale)  (EP)

(US) Brother/Reprise Special EP MS 2118
Released: January 1973

(UK) Brother EP K 54008
Released: January 1973

Mt Vernon And Fairway - Theme  *
I'm The Pied Piper - Instrumental  *
Better Get Back In Bed  *
Magic Transistor Radio  *
I'm The Pied Piper  *
Radio King Dom  *

* Recorded: Dutch Studio, Baambrugge, Netherlands, June 3 - August 2, 1972


Sail On, Sailor
Only With You

(US) Brother/Reprise 1138
Released: February 1973

California Saga: California
Sail On, Sailor

(UK) Reprise K14232
Released: February 1973

(AUS) Brother/Reprise R-3583
Released: 1973

California (On My Way To Sunny Californ-i-a)  *
Funky Pretty

(US) Brother/Reprise 1156
Released: May 1973

* Recorded: Brother Studio, Santa Monica, California, March 6 & 8, 1973

California is a remix of the original album track California Saga: California, with more of Brian's vocals added.

Little Saint Nick
Lord's Prayer, The

(UK) Capitol CL 15772
Released: November 1973

A re-release of the 1963 US only single for the UK market.


(US) Pickwick PTP 2059 (2xLP)
Released: April 1973

(AUS) Pickwick PTP 2059 (2xLP)
Released: February 1976

Good Vibrations
God Only Knows
Dance, Dance, Dance
Little Girl I Once Knew, The
Girl Don't Tell Me
Heroes And Villains
She Knows Me Too Well
Fun, Fun, Fun (Live)
Little Deuce Coupe (Live)
Little Old Lady From Pasadena, The (Live)
Long Tall Texan (Live)
In My Room (Live)
Monster Mash, The (Live)
Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow (Live)
Graduation Day (Live)
I Get Around (Live)

The Live tracks are from the 1964 Concert album.



(US) Brother/Reprise 2MS 6484 (2xLP)
Released: November 1973

(UK) Reprise K84001 (2xLP)
Released: November 1973

(AUS) Reprise 2RS 6484 (2xLP)
Released: February 1974

Sail On, Sailor  (Live)
Sloop John B  (Live)
Trader, The  (Live)
You Still Believe In Me  (Live)
California Girls  (Live)
Darlin'  (Live)
Marcella  (Live)
Caroline, No  (Live)
Leaving This Town  (Live)
Heroes And Villains  (Live)
Funky Pretty  (Live)
Let The Wind Blow  (Live)
Help Me, Rhonda  (Live)
Surfer Girl  (Live)
Wouldn't It Be Nice  (Live)
We Got Love  (Live)
Don't Worry, Baby  (Live)
Surfin' USA  (Live)
Good Vibrations  (Live)
Fun, Fun, Fun  (Live)

Recorded: Various Live Shows in US, August & September, 1973

Wouldn't It Be Nice (Live)
Surfer Girl (Live)

(AUS) Brother/Reprise R 3621
Released: November 1973

Both from the 1973 Beach Boys In Concert Album, above.


(NZ) Capitol C-ST 23185 (LP)
Released: 1973

Barbara Ann
Don't Worry, Baby
Surfin' Safari
California Girls
Help Me, Rhonda
I Get Around
Surfin' USA
Surfer Girl
Little Deuce Coupe
In My Room
Wouldn't It Be Nice
Little Honda
Fun, Fun, Fun
Then I Kissed Her
Do You Wanna Dance
Dance, Dance, Dance
Good Vibrations
I Can Hear Music
Do It Again
Sloop John B

A New Zealand only compilation.


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