Beach Boys
Extended Plays


Catalogue No

Date Released

Surfin' Safari  (EP) (UK) Capitol EAP-1-20529 1963, March
Surfin' USA  (EP) (UK) Capitol EAP-1-20540 1963, July
Surfin' USA  (EP) (France) (FR) Capitol EAP-5-1808 1963
Surfer Girl (EP) (AUS) Capitol EAP-1-20548 1964, January
Fun, Fun, Fun (EP) (UK) Capitol EAP-1-20603 1964, June
Fun, Fun, Fun (EP) (AUS) Capitol EAP-1-20618 1964, June
Four By The Beach Boys (EP) (US) Capitol R 5267 1964, September
Beach Boys Concert (EP) (UK) Capitol EAP-1-2198 1965, February
Dance, Dance, Dance (EP) (AUS) Capitol EAP-1-20708 1965, May
I Get Around (EP) (AUS) Capitol EAP-1-20709 1965, May
Barbara Ann (EP) (AUS) Capitol EAP-1-20794 1966, January
Beach Boys Hits (EP) (UK) Capitol EAP-1-20781 1966, May
God Only Knows (EP) (UK) Capitol EAP-6-2458 1966, November
Good Vibrations (EP) (AUS) Capitol EAP-1-20866 1967, February
Wild Honey (EP) (AUS) Capitol EAP-21048 1968, January
I Can Hear Music (EP) (AUS) Capitol EAP-21325 1969, March
Mount Vernon And Fairway (A Fairy Tale) (EP) (US) Brother/Reprise Special EP MS 2118 1973, January
California Saga (EP) (UK) Reprise K14346 1974, August
Mona (EP) (UK) Reprise K14481 1977, August


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