New Zealand
Stamp Errors

Pre 1970 Pictorials


1941 George VI 2d on 1 1/2d Chocolate

M5a(z)      "2" Re-Inserted in Second Overprinting Row 10/10   ($1,650) M5a(z) Used Version     "2" Re-Inserted in Second Overprinting Row 10/10   ($700)

1958 2d on 1 1/2d Queen Elizabeth II (Stars)

N40a(z)      Normal Surcharge Dot 4 1/4 mm Diameter N40a(y)      Normal Surcharge Dot 3 3/4 mm Diameter N41a   Error Surcharge Dot 4 1/4 mm Diameter on Stars  ($300)
N40a(y)      Normal Used N41a      Error Used  ($400) Error Used Forged Surcharge

1961 2 1/2d on 3d Queen Elizabeth II

N42a      Normal Surcharge N42a(x)      Offset Surcharge  ($400)

1960 1/2d Manuka

O1a      Normal O1a(z)      Blue Colour Omitted   ($550)

1960 1d Karaka

O2a      Normal O2a(z)      Yellow Colour (Berries) Omitted   ($1,250)

1960 2d Kowhai-Ngutu-Kaka

O3a      Normal O3a(z)      Black Colour Omitted   ($1,200)
OV3g      Row 3 Column 1 "E" of ZEALAND looks like an "F"  ($100) O3a(z)      Black Colour Omitted Pair   ($1,200)    (Note a hint of black on bottom stamp)

1960 2 1/2d Titoki

O4a?      Downward shift of Green, Brown & Red   ($100) O4a(u)      Block Of 6 Double Perfs, including Plate Numbers   ($400)

O4a(z)      Missing Brown. Occurred on rightmost column of two sheets. 40 examples known   ($600)
O4a?      Downward shift of Green, Brown & Red, & Doctor Blade Flaw   ($400) O4a?      Major Downward shift of Brown   ($200)
O4a(y)      Green Colour Omitted, bottom of row 1, completely on rows 2 & 3, top of row 4   ($3,000) O4a(y)      Green Colour Omitted     ($750)
O4a Plate Normal
O4a(x) Missing Red Berries from Plate 1A or 1B   ($9,000) O4a(x) Missing Red Berries from Plate 4A or 4B   ($9,000)

1960 3d Kowhai

O5a      Normal O5a(z)      Yellow Omitted   ($425) O5a(y)      Brown Omitted   ($425)
O5a(x)      Green Omitted   ($675) O5a?      Brown shift up, Yellow shift down   ($100) O5a(x) strip. 1st Left Green Omitted, 2nd Left 90% Green Omitted, then Normal   ($925)

1960 4d Hibiscus (Puarangi)

O6a(y)      Buff Colour Omitted   ($5,000)

One sheet of the 4d was found with buff colour missing completely from rows 17, 18 & 19 of the sheet. There are 12 columns on the sheet,
therefore there were 36 stamps in total with the missing buff. This is the proving piece that also shows the missing buff colour bar in the selvedge.

The error came from Plate 1111, because Plates 1221 & 2333 have the colour bars Plum & Green swapped around.

1960 5d Mountain Daisy

O7a      Normal O7a(z)      Yellow Colour Omitted  ($1,000)
O7a(z) & O7a(za)      Yellow shift one complete row downwards making top two missing yellow and the yellow shift continuing into the bottom selvedge   ($5,000)
O7a      Yellow Upward Shift (appears as if Yellow missing)  ($125) O7a      Yellow Upward Shift (Yellow just visible on White Petal)  ($125)
O7a      Black colour shift to the left  ($45)  

1960 6d Clematis

O8a(z)      Lilac Colour Omitted on Bottom Stamp, Top Stamp Normal   ($700) O8a   A copy of the stamp on thick unwatermarked paper with lilac & olive colours missing
and major perforation shift. This version was not regularly issued.

1960 7d Koromiko

O9a   Normal O9a(x)   All colours offset   ($750)

1960 9d New Zealand Flag

O11a(z)      Strip Of 3 Red Omitted 1 Full, 1 Partial, 1 Normal   ($2,000)

1960 1s 3d Trout

O13a      Normal O13a(z)      Carmine Colour Omitted   ($1,400) O13a      Brown Colour Shift to the Right   ($150)

1963 1s 9d Aerial Topdressing (Multicolour)

O15b      Normal O15b(x)      Pair, major red colour shift (20mm to right)   ($500)

1960 2s Maori Rock Drawing

O16a      Normal O16a(??)      Unlisted,    "Gutless Wonder" error   ($250)

1960 2s 6d Butter Making

O17a      Normal O17a(z)      Yellow Colour Omitted on top stamp and slight trace on bottom stamp   ($2,500)

1967 1/2c Manuka

OD1a      Normal OD1a(?)      5.5mm Upward Red Colour Shift   ($400)

1967 1c Karaka

W9a (OD2a)      Normal Booklet Pane W9a(u) Trial (OD2a)      Proof Colour Trial   ($1,000)

1967 2 1/2c Kowhai

OD4a(v)      Pair Imperforate  ($625)

1967 3c Puarangi

OD5a(?)      Major Perforation Shift To The Left  ($350)

1967 20c Maori Rock Drawing

OD13a(z)      Buff Colour Omitted in strip ($4,000)
Row 2, 3 & 4 of one sheet were affected with this error. Row 2 has a small line of buff still evident. Row 3 is completely missing buff, although some traces of buff can be seen under magnification. Row 4 is slightly affected along the top. There are only 10 examples showing complete missing buff from this sheet.

1967 10c Timber Industry & 50c Sutherland Falls

OD11a      Large Green Ink Splash  ($75) OD16a      Large Green Ink Splash  ($200)

1967 $1 Tasman Glacier

OD17a(y)      Block Of 4 Top Selvedge Perf & Double Perf Between   ($600)

1968 28c Fox Glacier

OD27a(y)      Yellow Colour Omitted on stamps 1 to 4 with stamp 5 being normal   ($16,000)


New Zealand Stamp Errors