Split Enz



Catalogue No

Date Released

For You Split Ends (NZ) Vertigo 6036 902 1973, April
Sweet Talkin' Spoon Song, The One Two Nine (NZ) EMI HR 512 1973, November
No Bother To Me Home Sweet Home (NZ) White Cloud WC 002 1975, March
Maybe Titus (NZ) White Cloud WC 003  (AUS) Mushroom K-6076 1975, September
Late Last Night Time For A Change (Live) (NZ) Mushroom K-6300  (AUS) Mushroom K-6300 1976, March
Matinee Idyll Lovey Dovey (AUS) Mushroom K-6627 1976, December
Another Great Divide Stranger Than Fiction (NZ) Mushroom K-6658  (AUS) Mushroom K-6658 1977, January
My Mistake Crosswords (NZ) Mushroom K-6875  (AUS) Mushroom K-6875 1977, September
Bold As Brass Sugar And Spice (NZ) Mushroom K-6992  (AUS) Mushroom K-6992 1977, December
I See Red Hermit McDermitt  /  Message Boy (NZ) Mushroom K-7284  (AUS) Mushroom K-7284 1978, October
Give It A Whirl Frenzy (NZ) Mushroom K-7475  (AUS) Mushroom K-7475 1979, May
Things Semi-Detached (NZ) Mushroom K-7643  (AUS) Mushroom K-7643 1979, October
I Got You Double Happy (NZ) Polydor POLY 64  (AUS) Mushroom K-7759 1980, January
I Hope I Never Choral Sea, The (NZ) Polydor POLY 75 1980, May
I Hope I Never Hypnotised  /  Carried Away (AUS) Mushroom K-7910 1980, May
Nobody Takes Me Seriously Choral Sea, The (UK) A&M AMS 7574 1980
What's The Matter With You Nobody Takes Me Seriously (US) A&M AMS 2293 1980
What's The Matter With You Choral Sea, The (CAN) A&M 512 1980
Poor Boy Missing Person (Live) (UK) A&M AMS 8101 1980
One Step Ahead In The Wars (NZ) Polydor POLY 100  (AUS) Mushroom K-8103 1980, November
History Never Repeats Holy Smoke (NZ) Polydor POLY 110  (AUS) Mushroom K-8250 1981, March
History Never Repeats Shark Attack (Live)  /  What's The Matter With You (Live) (UK) A&M AMS 8128 1981, May
I Don't Wanna Dance Shark Attack (Live)  /  What's The Matter With You (Live) (NZ) Polydor POLY 113  (AUS) Mushroom K-8384 1981, June
Hard Act To Follow Ghost Girl (CAN) A&M 543 1981
Hard Act To Follow Clumsy (NL) A&M AMS 9150 1981
Iris Clumsy (US) A&M AM 2351 1981
Dirty Creature Make Sense Of It (NZ) Polydor POLY 123  (AUS) Mushroom K-8668 1982, March
Dirty Creature Lost For Words (CAN) A&M AM 579  (US) A&M AM-2340 1982
Six Months In A Leaky Boat Fire Drill (NZ) Polydor POLY 125  (AUS) Mushroom K-8726 1982, May
Six Months In A Leaky Boat Make Sense Of It (UK) A&M AM 8216 1982
Never Ceases To Amaze Me I See Red (Live) (AUS) Mushroom K-8847 1982, August
Hello Sandy Allen I See Red (Live) (NZ) Polydor POLY 130 1982, August
Next Exit Two Of A Kind  /  Remember When (AUS) Mushroom K-9035 1983, March
Strait Old Line Parasite (NZ) Polydor SPLIT 5  (AUS) Mushroom K-9262 1983, October
Strait Old Line Bullet Brain And Cactus Head (NL) A&M AMS 9792 1983, October
Kia Kaha (Ever Be Strong) Parasite (NZ) Polydor FRENZ 5 1983, November
Message To My Girl Kia Kaha (Ever Be Strong) (NZ) Polydor SPLIT 6  (AUS) Mushroom K-9316 1983, December
Message To My Girl Bon Voyage (UK) A&M AM 203  (US) A&M AMS 2652 1983, December
I Wake Up Every Night Conflicting Emotions (AUS) Mushroom K-9403 1984, April
I Walk Away Overdrive (NZ) Mushroom K-9514  (AUS) Mushroom K-9514 1984, September
I Walk Away (Remix) Doctor Love (Remix) (NZ) Mushroom X 14127  (AUS) Mushroom X 13388 1984, September
One Mouth Is Fed This Is Massive (NZ) Mushroom NZ K-9552 (AUS) Mushroom K-9552 1984, November


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