New Zealand Motor Racing

1st NZ Championship Road Race
   (Because it was held at Wigram, this event is often referred to as the 1st Lady Wigram Trophy event.
                                                                          This is incorrect as the Lady Wigram Trophy was not presented until 1951, after the organisers of the
                                                                          1949 and 1950 events moved to Mairehau and a new club was formed to continue events at Wigram.)

Halsey Logan (Logan Special / Singer)

1st NZ Championship Road Race

Date: 26th February 1949
Venue: Wigram Airfield

50 laps of 2.116 miles or 3.403 km (105.8 miles or 170.15 km)

Grid: (* denotes pole)

 Frank Bennett *                    Hec Green                        Bob Christie                         Morrie Proctor
                        Fred Sharman                  Don Ransley                           Sybil Lupp
   Rob Shand                       Halsey Logan                        Des Wild                              Jack Tutton
                       Gordon Parker                   Hec McLean                      Adrian Sherratt
 Ron Hutcheon                      Del Drewery                     Harry Hedges                            Jim Low
                           Pat Hoare                     Alec Ferguson                           Ken May
                                              Ron Roycroft

Sybil Lupp


Driver Nat Car / Engine Laps Time
1 Morrie Proctor NZ Riley 9 / Riley 1089cc 4cyl 50 1hr 35m 56s
2 Frank Bennett NZ Invicta S / Meadows 4467cc 6cyl 50 1hr 36m 22s
Don Ransley NZ Ransley-Riley / Riley 1826cc 6cyl 50 1hr 36m 34s
4 Hec Green NZ Wolseley Special / Wolseley 1604cc 6cyl 50 1hr 37m 04s
5 Sybil Lupp NZ MG TC / MG 1250cc 4cyl s/c 49  
6 Ron Roycroft NZ Austin 7 / Austin 747cc 4cyl s/c 48  
7 Halsey Logan NZ Logan Special / Singer 972cc 4cyl 43  
8 Bob Christie / Hume Christie NZ MG TA / MG 1292cc 4cyl 43  
9 Des Wild NZ MG PB / MG 939cc 4cyl 41  
10 Jim Low NZ Bentley-V8 / Ford 3622 V8 40  
11 Hec McLean NZ MG PA / MG 847cc 4cyl 39  
12 Adrian Sherratt NZ MG TA / MG 1292cc 4cyl 38  
13 Jack Tutton NZ MG TA / MG 1292cc 4cyl 37  
14 Del Drewery NZ MG J2 Special / MG 847cc 4cyl s/c 36  
Ret Harry Hedges NZ MG TA / MG 1292cc 4cyl 35  
15 Ken May NZ FN / FN 1496cc 4cyl 34  
Ret Rob Shand NZ MG TA / MG 1292cc 4cyl    
Ret Fred Sharman NZ MG PB / MG 939cc 4cyl    
Ret Gordon Parker NZ MG TA / MG 1292cc 4cyl 21 Accident
Ret Ron Hutcheon NZ Cragar-Ford / Ford 3285cc 4cyl    
Ret Pat Hoare NZ Singer Special / Singer 972cc 4cyl 12  
Ret Alec Ferguson NZ MG PA / MG 849cc 4cyl 11  
DNS David Owen NZ MG PA / MG 847cc 4cyl 0  
DNA Fordy Farland NZ MG Magna / MG 1287cc 6cyl    

Winner's Race Average 66.17 mph
Fastest Lap Hec Green 1m 45.0s

Handicap Results:

1 Ron Roycroft
2 Morrie Proctor
3 Halsey Logan
4 Don Ransley
5 Sybil Lupp
6 Bob Christie

Hec Green (Wolseley Special)

Roycroft followed by Green, Proctor and Christie



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