New Zealand Grand Prix
Programme Covers

The following are the complete range of Official Programmes from the New Zealand Grand Prix, commencing with the first at Ardmore in 1954, covering the years that this site encompasses.
I own most of these programmes and have submitted them for display to a wonderful site that has dedicated itself to displaying programme covers from all over the world.
The ones that I didn't have, I got from there and am grateful to whomever submitted them. That site is at
Motor Racing Programme Covers Project.

Ardmore 1954                                                                                     Ardmore 1955                                                                                     Ardmore 1956

Ardmore 1957                                                                                     Ardmore 1958                                                                                     Ardmore 1959

Ardmore 1960                                                                                     Ardmore 1961                                                                                     Ardmore 1962

Pukekohe 1963                                        Pukekohe 1964                                        Pukekohe 1965

Pukekohe 1966                                        Pukekohe 1967                                        Pukekohe 1968

Pukekohe 1969                                        Pukekohe 1970                                        Pukekohe 1971

Pukekohe 1972                                        Pukekohe 1973                                        Pukekohe 1974


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