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70th Anniversary Of 1930 Provisional


On August 23, 1930 Postmaster of LHI, Stan Fenton handwrote "2d Paid, PM, LHI" on an Australian Stamp to allow for the price rise in postage, pending new stock of 2d stamps. He believed he had the approval of Australia Post to allow for this overprint. Today, examples of that particular stamp are very pricey indeed. To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of that Provisional overprint, another series of labels were prepared. They were released on October 6, 2000.

The same Marine Park labels were again used. Another 150 of the existing sheets (6,000 labels) were overprinted by Style Communications in Sydney. The overprint was "L.H.I. 70 yrs P.M. Prov.".

                                      1930 Provisional with hand overprint                                                                             Inside of the Booklet front & back covers                                                                                                    

The booklet price of $12.00 would still include a donation of $1.20 to the Museum.

 350 Booklets and 250 First Day Covers were produced. The booklets were stapled left or right and could also contain the top or bottom selvedge of the sheet. There were 10 Proof Booklets also produced.

The Canpex 2000 National Stamp Exhibition was held in Christchurch, New Zealand, October 5 - 8, 2000. The Lord Howe Island Courier Post decided to overprint 150 of the booklets produced for the 1930 Anniversary with a Canpex 2000 handstamp. One of the original 10 Proof Booklets was also overprinted. 110 First Day Covers were also produced.



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