Lord Howe Island
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Mail Tags / Agencies of LHICP


A number of local businesses were agents for the Lord Howe Island Courier Post. Products of LHICP could be obtained from them. The map below shows their locations. A series of Mail Tags were also produced, displaying the various agencies names and phone numbers. Below are mint versions or tags that have been cancelled via the circular date stamp.

The reported list of agencies shows the following ten:-

Lord Howe Island Airport
Lord Howe Island Museum
Howeana Trading Company
Shores Restaurant
Joy's Shop
Not Just A Salon
Thompson's General Store
Beachcomber Lodge
Capella South
Visitor Centre

I have examples from all above except Shores Restaurant, but I also have examples from Trader Nick's and Heritage House.

There were also two types of reverses used from 1999 to 2002. Examples show labels from the Marine Park issue or the Palms Of Lord Howe Island issue.



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Lord Howe Island Postal Services