Hi, my name is Bruce Sergent. I was born in Palmerston North, New Zealand in 1952. I lived there for 8 years and went to Palmerston North Central Normal School.

In 1960, my family moved to Auckland, hoping to offer me a better education and employment opportunity in the years to come. I continued my education at New Lynn primary,
before going to Blockhouse Bay Intermediate, Kelston Boys High School and finally Auckland University.

My greatest interests are motor sport, music, computers and collectables.

My interest in motor sport developed from my father. When I was very young, he took me to some races at Levin, which is not far from Palmerston North,
and also to Ardmore when we moved to Auckland. He used to travel up to Auckland for the Grand Prixs in the 50's, and being the collector he was,
he kept all the programmes, which have now been passed on to me, along with the rest of his extensive motor sport library. I have found this extremely useful while doing research.

I joined the Auckland Car Club in the early 70's and competed successfully in many trialing events, as well as hill climbs and gymkhanas.

During 1975 I collected enough points to win the prestigious Exide trophy for overall highest points scorer in the club.

In 1976 I was offered the opportunity to compete in rallying. I navigated for Carl Rabbidge in the National series and together we won the 1976 New Zealand Production Car championship.
Highlight of the year was competing in the New Zealand International Rally. We lasted three of the four days, getting up as high as tenth outright before blowing a rotor tip in our Mazda RX3.

1977 saw a complete change for me. I moved to Sydney, Australia. I was only coming for a visit, but landed a good job and met a great girl and have been here ever since.

I have kept my interests in motor sport going here in Australia, but now mainly in a management role. I have team managed a number of Production Car and Group A teams over the last 20 years.
It is a part of motor sport I really enjoy. My real life job during that time was to run and manage a computer department for a major bank.
It was with the skills that I developed there, that allowed me to easily transfer them to managing a motor sport team. I was able to computerise my teams, long before most of the others.

I am now married and have three wonderful kids, and now seven grand children..

My interest in music also developed as a result of my father. He used to collect 78 rpm records and when we lived in Palmerston North, he had more than the local radio station 2ZA,
so much so, they used to come and borrow his records so that they could satisfy their listeners requests each week.

I continued the tradition of collecting records and now have a very extensive collection. I started out by trying to collect every single that made the New Zealand top 10 charts,
a feat that is complete. When I moved to Australia, I decided to attempt the Australian charts. That I found easier, and have completed.
With the help of my computers, I created a large database of all my records and realised that after looking at all of the American and British charts,
I had a fair proportion of them as well. Nothing like an incomplete collection, so I have attempted to do the same for these two countries as well.
I have since been building my collection of New Zealand artists and now have a very extensive collection. Having these has allowed me to produce my music pages with a great deal more accuracy.

I also collect New Zealand stamps, coins and phonecards. My other passion is Australian Stamp Booklets and I have written a complete catalogue which is available online by subscription.

After twenty years with the bank, a takeover occurred and I was retrenched. As a result, I went into business for myself and continued using all the skills I learnt to enjoy a successful career.
After working for too many years, I have finally retired, allowing me much more time to devote to all the tasks I always wanted to do, but never had the time.


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