New Zealand
Pre-Decimal Banknotes

Issue No. 1 (1934 - 1940)

Lefeaux Signature


P154 Ten Shillings


The serial number on the ten shillings was printed in black. Prefixes were the Letter Z or Y by themselves, or 1Z-9Z and 1Y.

P155 One Pound


The serial number on the one pound was printed in red. Prefixes were A, B or D by themselves, or 1A-9A, 1B-12B, 3C-9C and 1D.

P156 Five Pounds

  The serial number on the five pounds was printed in green. Prefixes were K by itself, or 1K-4K.
P157 Fifty Pounds

Fifty Pound Image Courtesy of New Zealand Reserve Bank Archives

  The serial number on the fifty pounds was printed in black. There was only one prefix and that was T.


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